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July 12, 2009

My first ever blog post was dedicated to my childhood friend “Taims”. My first post for this blog is dedicated to my beloved father who won the battle against six month of struggle by not panicking once. I’ve inherited quite a lot from him, but I would consider myself as complete; if I’d inherit his vision. My father has never been my hero, but he has been more like a guide. A guide that showed smart work is better than hard work. Hard work brings more luck and being lucky is better than any kind of work. So, as he lay peacefully at Sterling Cemetery, surrounded by an Astronaut, the Millers, Amina Bibi, Humera Katoon and Tayab Sahib – I wait for my turn; as Cancer has favored my decedents to reunite before hitting 60. Giving my wife the ability to withdraw my IRAs and 401k contributions without giving the opportunity to Feds for slamming a 20% tax to bail out yet another bank. Shall I contribute less?

P.S. I talk better than I write, therefore accept my apology for being low in grammar and do some pranayama breathing exercise if you don’t understand what I say.

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  1. No One permalink
    July 14, 2009 10:42 pm

    So here I was…almost winding up my day…when I clicked on your blog…just randomly…and what do I see…an update…the return was inevitable…I am so so glad your back…missed your funny posts too much!

    Sigh. Funny as it is…this post also has me in tears…



    I hope and pray that you live a loooooooooooooong AND healthy life (ameen) and that you would become the ultimate inheritor of your wife’s 401K plans and life insurance and what not!

    But as we know…all the good things come to an end…so while your enjoying that ferrari at the age of 85…with a blonde by your side…

    Do Remember…your wife will be up there…watching your every move…and oh yeah…she will definitely be waiting up there to…for you to return once again…

    So be prepared with all the answers because you will have lotsa questions to tackle!

    Jokes aside…

    Please stay strong and be what you have always been…a good son…a good brother and a good friend!

    All the best in life, wherever the wind takes you.

    Peace and Love,

    No One

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